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Workshop with Joi Tea

16th May SUN 2:00pm - 4:00pm

30th May SUN  2:00pm - 4:00pm 

We are happy to host yet another Joi Tea event. Learn all about herbal teas and how they can help to protect you and your loved ones.

The workshop will include an interactive tutorial on common medicinal herbs, followed by a tea-tasting session. You will also get the chance to blend your own personalised tea to take home.  

We are delighted to host the second Longevity Workshop. In this 2-hour event, sensei Kaoru Iguchi will share her secrets of longevity and wellbeing. The workshop will follow an interactive curriculum covering:
-  Well-known Japanese culture
-  How to become health conscious
-  Japanese healthy food you can prepare in NZ
-  Practical and easy everyday exercises

The Art of Longevity 

Open Studios Waitākere

TST Open Studio Event
15 Nov 2020 (Sunday)

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This year our Retreat will once again participate in the Open Studios event. You will have a chance to meet our three artists: Alice Ng (photography & installation work), Kelly So (Needle-felt painting) & Shu De (bonsai art) exhibiting their work at 36 Kopiko Rd, Titirangi. On

Open Studios map our location name is TST Studio.

Joi Tea 

In collaboration with Joi Tea, we are holding our custom tea making session at TST Studio Titirangi. A qualified naturopath Kogei Iguchi will guide you through various health benefits of different herbs. You will get a chance to blend your own tea to take home. Just bring your favourite mug! 

20 FEB 2021, SAT, 2-4pm